New Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

6233 Chatham Ave., Wellston, MO 63133

Rev. Antoian Johnson, Senior Pastor

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

At New Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. Join us each Sunday and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.

Sunday School - 9 am

Sunday Morning Worship - 11 am

Bible Study - Wednesday at 7 pm

Worship on Wednesday - 6pm

Feb & March 28th

June 27th, Aug. 22nd, Sept. 26th, Oct. 24th

Who Is Our Senior Pastor?

Pastor Antoian Johnson is a pleasant, teachable worker with a love for people. A hands on leader and learner with excellent analytical and critical thinking skills.

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

What's New?

Church Clean Up

March 10th @ 10am

Please bring any cleaning products you may have.


Women's Ministry

First meeting of the year. Very informative!

Feb. 10th @ 11am

What Are Our Core Values?

Our core values are to provide Christian Worship, train disciples, teach doctrine and religious truths, and bring people into a closer fellowship with God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What Do We Teach?

We use both the Old Testament and the Gospels as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. We put those teachings into practice at home and at work.